What We Can Do

Our services include but are not limited to the following...

Photo to Art- on Acrylic, Metal,Canvass as well as Printing on Paper

Archival framing
Custom Mirrors bevel and straight
Canvas photo and painting stretching
Object framing
Acrylic Boxes
Jersey and memorabilia framing
Needlepoint blocking and stretching
Frame cut down and repair
Custom matting including lettering and graphics mounting
Sources for restoration
Ketubah acetate wrapping/framing
Hanging service references

Why Frame

We believe custom framing is as much about lifestyle as it is decor. People frame art and items that represent their history, like family photos, medals from military service and grandma's doilies. Whether you're framing a memento or a piece of art, custom framing is furniture for your wall and it shoud have the same long lasting qualities as any piece of furniture in your home.


Archival framing is important for those precious family photos. If you use a glass with UV protection you can protect the photos from fading over time and Museum glass virtually disappears.


The frame and matting should compliment the piece but not overwhelm it. Here the matting stays neutral while the frame picks up the color tones of the print.


With the creative expertise of our staff here anything is possible. We will work with you to come up with ideas that stretch the imagination.


Collections make great wall art. We have seen every collection that you can think of from vintage Barbies to combs from China. Framing is a great way of preserving your collections in an artistic and interesting way. What do you have at home sitting in the closet?

Ask Charlie

Don't know what kind of glass to use or how to frame your precious spoon collection? Ask Charlie. Charlie is a CPF or certified picture framer with the Professional Picture Framers Association. So give Charlie a call or email with any questions you might have about framing.

What is Archival Matting?

It's the use of ph neutral rag mat board which may have a buffering agent added to extend the life of the mat and guard against acidity present in the environment.

Why Does My Art Wrinkle?

Paper art tends to expand and contract with changes in humidity due to the season. This is common so always hinge fine art from the top (dry mounting will ruin the value) and learn to love the fluctuations.

Why Can't I Just Use Regular Glass?

Exposure to light, direct or indirect can fade anything and everything. The best glass is museum which eliminates glare and UV, but there are also other types of glass that help with fading and or UV. Forget non-glare, it just makes your picture fuzzy. And yes, sometimes regular glass is just fine.

Can I Get Pricing On the Phone or Your Website?

Custom framing has many variables, the frame chosen, will it be matted, what type of glass etc..  So take the time to come in, it's the only way you will know you are paying for what you want.

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